Voodoo Rumors update November 2017

Voodoo Rumors update

“Without magic, there is no art. Without art, there is no idealism. Without idealism, there is no integrity. Without integrity, there is nothing but production.”
― Raymond Chandler
I like to think I put some generous amount of magic into everything I write. My latest project is set for release in February 2018. It’ll be the first in a 6 book series. Well, series implies that you have to read each book in order. These are written so that you can pick up any book and enjoy the story.
I am mixing the hardboiled P.I. genre with the darkest elements of the paranormal to create the Voodoo Rumors stories.
Set in 1950’s Nashville, Thomas Dietrich is cynical yet idealistic; amorous yet full of despair. He’s a man capable of harsh violence and unfettered compassion in a world where the darkest things walk the streets of his city at night.
And with that, may I present the cover for The Blood Red Ruby.


Just another week in the life…

Just another week in the life…


There are some weeks where everything goes right. When the stars are in alignment and the best laid plans are executed with a flawless outcome.

And then there is this week…

In reality, it isn’t just this week that’s been the problem. Bad decisions, poor life choices, and a certain amount of stubbornness on my part have led to a near-constant state of frustration where my writing is concerned.

I’m not naming names. I’m not pointing the finger. Just vent about my own failing in certain areas.

And to say this week has been bad isn’t being fair. Problems arose and were dealt with. The issues that came up have pointed out problems that can now be fixed, saving me trouble in the long run as well as a ton of embarrassment in the coming weeks and months.

It started with a beta reader commenting that the first book in the Voodoo Rumors series still had a number of editorial issues. After two rounds with the editor, these should have been spotted. A second beta reader, a day later, pointed out similar issues in book two.

So the editor had to be let go. I asked her to stop working on book three, assuming that work had actually begun and began my search for someone new to fill that role. In addition, a personal message was sent to me that just added a kick to the gut that I didn’t need. For a while, despair and doubt oozed out of every pore on my body, so I apologize to those who encountered it.

Luckily, my Facebook friends, when I posted my frustrations, came through with plenty of recommendations. By week’s end, someone new was found to re-read over the first two books and a full-time editor and I made a deal for him to work on book three.

For those who are not in the publishing world, you may not be aware that for some book reviewers to consider looking at your work, they require that it is sent in to them, four months in advance of the releases date. Given that book one is set for a Mid-February release date to coincide with its dark Valentine’s Day message, I had to get copies out in Mid-October. So those reviewers will see the issues, but hopefully will understand that the final version will be clean.

One of the things that every writer encounters is self-doubt. Is it really worth all the effort to construct a story, write it out, and spend weeks or months cleaning, only to have no one care? Can a non-creative understand how hurtful it is to put yourself out there and have your work ignored?

Reviews are the life-blood for authors. And given the way places like Amazon works, they don’t even have to be good reviews. All you need are people to post comments and lots of them. As part of my marketing plan to promote the upcoming series, I’ve been asking… no begging for reviews. I’ve been willing to give away free books, eBooks and audio books just to get some numbers built up. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had people tell me how much they enjoyed my books or stories. But when I ask if they could write a simple review, they look cross-eyed at me.

In the final days of this dark, I got a sliver of sunlight that broke through the clouds. Some positive reviews came in that remind me why I do this. Not just two word statements, but lengthy and detailed reviews.

You can read them here:



So I’ll finish up this rant by saying that the week started off poorly but finished on a good note. Let’s hope more good notes are to come.



BTW:  The cover reveal for The Blood Red Ruby: Voodoo Rumors book 1 is coming soon.