A review of Hard Day’s Knight by John G. Hartness

A review of Hard Day’s Knight by John G. Hartness


Hard Day’s Knight is a catchy title for a catchy book.

Set in Charlotte, NC, a place the author knows well from what I can gather from the great descriptions and knowledge of the city’s streets. A pair of vampires, Jimmy Black and Greg Knight own and operate the Black Knight Detective Agency. Both are young in appearance since they were ‘turned’ in their younger days, but they’ve got some years on them. That doesn’t, however stop the pair form acting their age. Mischievous, goofy and constantly popping off with pop culture references, they go about the business of solving crimes, albeit Greg prefers doing so while dressed up as a would-be vampiric superhero.

Honestly, when this part first came up, I couldn’t help but picture Jack Black, dressed up in the Adam West-era Batman suit while dangling from a bat-rope.

Their client, worried that he’d be cursed by a local witch, hires them for protection, but the case takes them in an unsuspected direction. Local children, a lot of them are going missing. Witches, demons, and a ticked-off lady cop are no match for our boys, though.

Hard Day’s Knight is the first book in the Black Knight Chronicles by John G. Hartness. While vampires have been all the rage over the past several years, this story takes a different look and a unique approach to the vampire lore.

Hartness’s writing is well above par, his story telling is excellent, and his characters are just a blast to watching in action. The story is tight and leaves off with plenty of room for future volumes.

Highly recommended.