Bishop and Hancock’s Pulse Fiction (Volume 1) is here!

Bishop and Hancock’s Pulse Fiction (Volume 1)
Now available!


My latest story is out and here is what the publisher says about the books:

A two fisted, gun toting Private Eye! A Member of the French Foreign Legion waist deep in Intrigue! A Lady with a taste for Diamonds and Danger! Heroes many have thought lost to yesterday now blast their way into today in BISHOP AND HANCOCK’S PULSE FICTION! A Concept conceived by noted author Paul Bishop and contributed to by author and publisher Tommy Hancock, PULSE FICTION takes the best of the past and shakes and stirs it with today’s finest Genre Fiction writers! Encounter a cast of characters created by Bishop and Hancock and written into four color, over the top life by Eric Beetner, Barry Reese, D. Alan Lewis, Brian Drake, James Hopwood, and Hancock. Just like the bygone magazines of the past, PULSE FICTION brings rich, vibrant characters embroiled in death defying adventure to readers, characters that will return in later volumes crafted by these and a whole myriad of other authors! Want stories that will get your heart racing, your blood pumping? You’ll find them here in BISHOP AND HANCOCK’S PULSE FICTION VOLUME ONE!


I’m proud to say that my story ‘Cry Blood’ is included in this great collection, written by some of the best names in the New Pulp genre. The story follows the adventures of Thomas Gunn, yes… Tommy Gunn. The character was the brain child of Pro Se’s Tommy Hancock. Usually, I’m reluctant about writing a story with someone else’s characters. I like creating my own, giving them some dark background or fatal flaws. But, Hancock gave me a very basic plot idea (A girl shows up at Gunn’s door, and everyone around her dies) and a very… very basic description of the character. Still, I was reluctant. I pushed the story off until the last minute and finally broke down and started thinking of what to do with this guy.

Having said that, ‘Cry Blood’ is in my humble opinion, one of my best stories. Once the idea came, the words flowed out quickly and the character took a life that I was very happy with. He may have been created in the mind of someone else, but I enjoyed giving him life.

So… buy the book, read the story and tell me what you think. I’d love to know if folks want to see more of ‘Tommy Gunn’.

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