Luna’s Children Author Interview with Ray Deen

Luna’s Children Author Interview with Ray Deen

Fear the full Moon!

For countless centuries, mankind has watched as the sun goes down knowing that Luna will rise in its place, to rain her brilliant shards of light upon the Earth. But for the cursed and afflicted, that silvery orb brings horror and death.
In celebration of the release of the two Luna’s Childrenwerewolf anthologies from Dark Oak Press, I’ll be interviewing some of the collection’s authors.
Today’s victim … lucky recipient is Hawaii’s steampunk/pulp writing guru, Ray Deen.

What sparked your interest in werewolves?    
      What’s not to love. Dark nights, fulls moons, a howl cuts through the heart pounding silence… yeah, it’s all good.  All fun until someone gets their entrails ripped out and dirty in the glen, hmm?
What spawned the idea for your story?
      I’ve had an idea for a Western Paranormal novel for a while, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to dig in deep and play in the sand. Had a blast and want to go back for more.
Are you a Pantser or Plotter?
      Both… somewhat of a hybrid. I tend to start most of my projects in Pantser mode… jumping into the deep end and flailing about until I figure out how deep the water is… then it’s Plotter mode. How do I get back to shore.. or at least somewhere dry? That’s where the plotting comes in.
Is there a soundtrack to this story?
      I have quite a collection of Western Soundtrack Music… cowboy songs, Native American music. It all gets thrown into shuffle when its needed. Good stuff…
Is this a familiar genre for you… or did you try something new?
      Westerns aren’t new to me, I’ve been writing them for years… mostly for my own enjoyment and for friends. But this is a combination of genres that makes me smile. I love it.
What is your next project?
      I have a number of shorts that I’m working on and two novel length WIP that I have in my plotter stage… filling in the blanks and making sure I have things well in hand.
Where can readers find you?

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