Preditors & Editors Reader’s Favorites Poll for 2015

I just realized that I didn’t update the website with the news about this. Preditors & Editors is a great website, filled with tons of content designed to help new and professional writers. Each year, they sponsor a contest for their readers to vote and pick their favorites for the year.

This year, I was entered into a few of the categories and here are the results…


Best Steampunk Short Story: The Celeste Affair by D. Alan Lewis:

Best Steampunk Novel: Keely by D. Alan Lewis:

Top Ten Finalist for Best Author:

Top Ten Finalist for Best Book Cover Art:

top10bookart  celeste affair 2016 shortstorysteampunk P&E 2016top10author  2nd place  P&E2016P&E best steampunk novel 2016

Big thanks to everyone who voted for me!!!